Top Five Mom Bands and the Moms Who Love Them

Your fabulous author and her mom circa 1988.

When you think about mom, what do you see? Do you see her lovingly tending to you, sick in bed? Is she secretly buying the toy that she said you couldn't have at the mall? Maybe she's screaming to hurry and get up already or you'll be late for school?

These are the many faces of mom. But mom has interests besides her children, y'know. She's a secret disco dancer. Or maybe a country music-lovin' Southern belle. Or even a tough rocker babe.

Look, we're not just talking out of our asses about your mom. We asked, dammit! And these are the bands moms like!

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Mom's Name: Linda Burat

Mother of: Melissa Burat, 22

Favorite Band: "I like country, I like Lady Antebellum, and I like Carrie Underwood. But as far as a group, Lady Antebellum."

Favorite Album: "I forget the name of it. I have all the music on the iPod. Their first one, Need You Now, I think is the name of it."

Why She Loves It: "I just like the sound and the harmony. I enjoy their music."

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Ben Chiriboga
Ben Chiriboga

Crossfade No need. I'm interviewing my Mom as we speak. Through text. Get ready for a Mother's Day miracle.


Sorry, Ben Chiriboga. If there were time, we'd interview every mom in America about her favorite band.

Ben Chiriboga
Ben Chiriboga

how did Hall and Oates not make this list. I seen't it with my own eyes. I've lived it. Falyn Freyman

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