Naughty by Nature Talks Partying With Uncle Luke and Drinking Brew at the Zoo


Who's ready for the perfect party?

Because Naughty by Nature and Uncle Luke are "gonna make it happen" at Miami New Times' Brew at the Zoo.

In fact, we here at Crossfade just chatted with Naughty's Vin Rock. And he insists that we don't wanna "mess 'round with Naughty by Nature and Uncle Luke" unless we're prepared to get drunk, wrestle wild animals, and shake ass in public.

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Crossfade: Y'all are coming down for Brew at the Zoo.
Vin Rock: Hell yeah. I'm excited. We're gonna definitely get a taste of beer.

Does it sound like a good idea to be drinking booze around a bunch of wild animals?
No. [Laughs] 'Cause those animals are fast, man. So it's not a good idea. But it could still be fun.

So how does someone get a "first-class invitation to the Naughty nation"?
All you gotta do is be down to come to a perfect party, man. When you hear about any Naughty by Nature show, that's your invitation. Straight up.

What is a perfect party?
It's just what you make it. Your kinda vibe, your kinda style. However you like to do it, whatever tickles your fancy. That's the perfect party.

You shot the video for that single in Vegas. What's the wildest night you've ever spent in Sin City? I know you guys were tight with Mike Tyson, right? Ever hang out with Iron Mike on the strip in his fighting days?
My big brother Mike Tyson told me, "Never incriminate yourself." But you best believe, we had tons of great times out there. I even partied out there with big homie Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids on the Block. There ain't nothin' like a Naughty Kid party either.

Yeah, you and NKOTB got a collabo called Naughty Kids on the Block. What's that kinda party like? Gotta get crazy, huh?
No doubt, it's like Soccer Moms Gone Wild. [Laughs]

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