Rick Ross, Birdman, Lil Wayne, Sooo Many Girls: The H Album Release at Story Miami

Photos by Jason PushLife/jasonpushlife.com

Last night, the double-helix LED columns inside Story for Rick Ross and Birdman's The H: The Lost Album, Vol. 1 release party cycled through a very swank array of trippy colors as a 7-to-1 ratio of tourist women to NFL ballers danced, drank, and partied till 5 in the morning.

South Beach bars make up to $500,000 a night in liquor sales alone, and if the number of champagne and vodka bottles being marched around all the full tables in the club were any indication, Story had a very good night.

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Photos by Jason PushLife/jasonpushlife.com

DJ Ideal kicked the party off strong with a set of classic hip hop by Biggie, Outkast, TI, Juvenile, and Jay Z. And girls from Birmingham, Sweden, Ontario, and Peoria, Illinois screamed every time he asked "How many people not from Miami in here tonight?"

Hundreds of pink and yellow light beams criss crossed each other over the center of the dance floor, as two levels of terrace looked out through thousands of ocean blue LED teardrops strung across the ceiling in mezmerizing patterns.

One Georgia peach dropped her booty to the floor and slapped her own ass in excitement as all her girls cheered her on. Then an usher with a hi top fade, broom, and dust pan did the real Harlem shake as the giggling pack of ladies clapped and screamed.

Photos by Jason PushLife/jasonpushlife.com

There were so many women in the building it felt like a dance team's locker room. Estrogen dripped from the ceiling, and thighs of all colors, shapes, and sizes clapped against each other in time to the beat. Air horns exploded as the lights went out completely, and then an explosion of bass triggered an indoor sunrise that lit the whole place up to reveal thousands of bouncing tetas and ballers doing the shoulder lean.

The layout of the club is like an inverse Mansion where the $2,000-$10,000 tables line the perimeters of floor space as opposed to dominating the center of it. The middle of the floor was packed with an undulating mass of human energy. Upstairs, there was more room to breathe, plenty of space to walk, but still hundreds of asses droppin it like it's hot and slow motioning for eachother.

Photos by Jason PushLife/jasonpushlife.com

Somewhere around 3 in the morning it was announced that Birdman was in the building. YMCMB DJ Stevie J had taken over the speakers by then, and the fully loose crowd went wild. An army of cellphones went up to take pictures. Meek Mill stood on a couch like a gangster. Busta Rhymes tipped a gallon of liquor back from a freshly opened bottle and guzzled it till it was empty. And three girls did stripper moves into a wall of mirrors, watching their skin tight dresses hike up to reveal the very the highest part of their legs, just about showing the beauty between them. Then they sauntered off and a new group followed and did the same.

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Story Nightclub

136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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ignorance at its' finest.

Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor

'Then the gruff voice of The Boss roared over the bass and announced his own entrance. The professional dancers shaking their assets on either side of the DJ and across the room in a VIP area vibrated their culos like asstacular metronomes. They did this non stop till the sun came up. Whatever they get paid is not enough. They shook so much ass the strippers got jealous.' TRUEEE

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