Six Best Moves to Win a Miami Bar Fight!

Photo by Laurie Charles
Beware Teddy Collins and his pool stick.

Bar fights: The result of way too much liquid courage combined with high levels of testosterone. Or, in some cases, cattiness.

They usually happen near the end of the night when someone either gives you the "stank eye" or hits on your man (or woman) right in front of you.

Regardless of the reason, bar fights are never a good idea. Someone always gets hurt. And if you're the chicks who got into an altercation at Radio Bar, you will forever be known as the girls who gave Cat Fight Ladies' Night its name.

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"One of the first nights we opened, two girls got into a confrontation and that's how we got the name, Cat Fight Ladies Night," said Philippe "Flip" Falca who owns the bar.

Now ladies are given weekly special treatment on Wednesday nights from 6-9 p.m. with free Angie, Khloe, Nina, and Lady Love cocktails and Sweet & Tipsy cupcakes fused with alcohol.

Although no fights went down last week at the SoBe joint, you never know when you'll find yourself stuck in the middle of a brawl. And even though the best thing to do is take a deep breath and walk away, sometimes you just need to throw a punch.

So in the event that you find yourself having to fight back and show 'em who's boss, we solicited six moves to help you win a Miami bar fight.

The Pool Stick
We spoke with Teddy Collins, the man standing behind the bar.

"I'm not a fighter, I'm a good guy," said Collins as he reached underneath the bar and grabbed a pool stick.

"But if I had to choose, I would break a pool stick and use it," he said, holding his weapon like a baseball bat.

"What is that?" asked the guy next to me who was wearing green scrubs.

"It's for anyone who doesn't pay the tab," Collins joked.

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Radio Bar

814 1st St., Miami Beach, FL

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