The-Dream's Banned "Pussy" Porn Vid:
An Extremely Detailed Breakdown


R.I.P., feminism, for we bury it on this day.

The-Dream released a pornographic music video less than 24 hours ago. And almost immediately, it was pulled from YouTube for breaking the nudity rules. Thankfully, there's Vimeo for all our prurient needs.

The clip for single "Pussy," featuring Big Sean and Pusha T, shows some stripper touching herself, getting jizzed on by massage oil, and simulating sex with The-Dream's forthcoming CD. Let's check it out.

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0:00 - 0:45
After a short shameless promo, we see the stripper in question blowing seductive smoke from her glossy lips. Then she throws all subtlety out the window and starts bumping her ass against the wall like some kind of alley cat in heat.


0:46 - 1:27
She continues to striptease for the camera, which she clearly thinks will bring some kind of fame, fortune, and self-respect. She jiggles her junk 'round and spreads her bubble but for the close-up, letting those pink-nailed hands discover her body. She eventually starts playing with her ... Well, it's the title of the song.

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Adri Ana
Adri Ana

trashy...and the worse is that that's considered music

chipahoy topcommenter

not suitable for the kids, but damn, she is hot!!!

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