Thomas Gold on Loving His Fans and Miami: "LIV Is One of the Best Clubs in the World"


DJs are the modern rock stars.

On stage, they look like golden gods, surrounded by thousands of admirers and showered in fire. But behind the scenes, these seemingly superior beings aren't all that different from the rest of us.

Sure, they're making thousands of dollars a night. But without the fans, they're nothing. And Thomas Gold understands that essential truth. In fact, this big-room beatmeister from Berlin even considers his admirers to be the center of his world.

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Fanfare is Gold's brand. It's the name of his successful radio show and podcast, as well as his current tour. And all of it, he insists, is a tribute to his loyal listeners, who he's been making a solid effort to get to know at every opportunity.

"At nearly every gig and every show, wherever it's possible, I try to meet up with people, with the fans, and I chat with them," Gold tells New Times. "It's all connected, and it's just about being connected to the fans as much as possible.

"It's great," he adds, "to see how enthusiastic fans can be and how much they're into it and how much they appreciate my work."

Gold showing love to the Ultra crowd.

Thomas also knows he needs the fans if he wants to keep living his dream. Meeting one-on-one and talking with them, he says, is one of the best ways to keep your head straight and your feet grounded.

"I always ask the people, 'What do you think about Fanfare?' Because it's nice to get direct feedback from the fans. Otherwise, you can always talk to people on Twitter and Facebook, but it's not the real thing. I really think it helps a lot to stay connected to the fanbase."

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