Tootsie's Girls and a Sexy 88-Year-Old Buzzard Talk Streaking at Brew at the Zoo

Photo by Laurie Charles

Our convo with Bob was interrupted by a group of guys who insisted on pics with the Sexy Old Buzzard.

"I went mosh pitting with a black guy who looked like Hitler," laughed Jaicee Hensley, proudly wearing a white Mr. Rogers screen tee that read, "It's all good in the hood."

"I was with my homegirl at the Green Day concert last year, making sure she didn't get hit, but then I joined in," said Hensley, who aside from being a mosh pit junkie is a t-shirt designer.

Photo by Laurie Charles

But as Jaicee recalled his drunken pop-punk days, a group of girls wearing red Tootsie's t-shirts walked by and distracted the fellas.

"I went streaking down the beach in Puerto Rico," admitted Joannie Yeargin, a tall brunette with a pony tail. "I got tired of wearing a swim suit."

Oh, and why not. What happens in Puerto Rico, stays in Puerto Rico.

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