Girl Flashes Boobs for Uncle Luke, Naughty by Nature, and Brew at the Zoo!

Photo by Liliana Mora
Naughty by Nature's Treach taming the wild beasts of Brew at the Zoo.

Big-booty girls backing that ass up onstage with Uncle Luke and bros wearing shorts, screen T's, and neon orange, green, and yellow sunglasses while dancing to Naughty by Nature were the kind of animals that filled the grounds of Zoo Miami for Miami New Times' Brew at the Zoo.

Luke, Naughty, and Pangea Tribe provided the soundtrack as beer-fed party people took a break from all that Sam Adams and brewskies from the Homebrew Alley to jam to some old-school tracks.

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Photo by Laurie Charles
Welcome to the jungle.

The guys of Pangea Tribe welcomed the buzzed crowd to the jungle. It took some work for Christopher Da'Great and Young Begarah to lure the audience away from the beer, but after Da'Great encouraged everyone to "make some damned noise" and Begarah jammed on the conga to a mix of hip-hop, bass, and booty, fans roared and a multitude of people began to make their way to the stage.

Wearing light coral shorts, a matching light blue and coral tribal-printed muscle T, and an old-logo Florida Marlins hat, Da'Great shouted, "If you came to get drunk, put your drinks in the air... If you way too tipsy, make some noise!" as the crowd cheered him on.

"Pangea represents the world coming together, and we're bringing the world together through positive music," Da'Great said before "getting his R. Kelly on" to "Cool Guy."

The Tribe ended with a performance of "Jungle on My Neck" and shared some love with their fans: "We love you, and God loves you."

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Zoo Miami

12400 SW 152nd St., Miami, FL

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