Guitar Master Yngwie Malmsteen on Miami Heat: "LeBron James Is a F#$%in' Virtuoso"

Yngwie Malmsteen is a six-foot, three-inch guitar monster from Sweden.

He left the dark and bitter cold of Stockholm at age 19 and moved to L.A. for a record deal, got famous, and drunkenly crashed a Jaguar E-Type V12 convertible into a tree, breaking the steering wheel with his head. But Malmsteen not only survived. He beat a blood clot on his brain. He remastered the guitar. And then he moved to Miami in the late '80s.

Famous the world over for his neoclassical heavy metal shredding and "arpeggios from hell," Yngwie's new book, Relentless, tells the truth behind how it all happened. He's also got a new album, Spellbound. And next week, he's coming home to Grand Central.

So we here at Crossfade called up this axe master to chat about fast cars, the rock star lifestyle, and the Miami Heat.

Crossfade: Wasup, dude. Awesome book. I read that shit fast.
Yngwie Malmsteen: Thanks.

What part of Miami you live in?
I live on the beach. You might have seen me in a Ferrari. I do a lot of cruising, you know.

Can you compare improvising a guitar solo with driving a Ferrari as fast as it goes?
Two different kinds of sensations, but they're both amazing. It's more difficult to play guitar, but you can't be sleeping at the wheel in either case. In that sense, it's very similar. You have to be very aware.

What do you think of the DJ star culture? Is it possible to become a virtuoso of selecting and playing music?
I think it's possible. You can become a virtuoso of anything. If you perfect something, it doesn't matter what it is. It's all, like, niche-based, you know. LeBron James is a fuckin' virtuoso. You know where I'm coming from?

Hell yeah. You played the Soviet Union years before that motherfucker Van Halen. Would you play in any other communist countries? Cuba? North Korea?
I will play anywhere. I don't wanna encourage anybody that leads the people in a bad way. Communism and any oppression of any kind is wrong. But I'm not a politician. If I can bring people happiness playing music, I'll do it anywhere.

How many people have you punched out in your life?
A long time ago, I did that a lot. That was more then. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

For all the musicians out there, what advice do you have about snakes in the grass?
They're all over. You gotta have eyes in your neck. They walk off with your money. That's an unfortunate thing about the music business.

What are some of your signature rock star stage moves?
I do a lot of shit like play with my teeth, throw guitars around. I grind them against the Marshall stacks. Whatever it takes. I smash 'em up into a thousand pieces. It's all a part of the show. I never wanted to see someone just stand there and play.

You play behind your head?
Yeah, all the time.

Upside-down and backwards behind your back?
That too.

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