Guitar Master Yngwie Malmsteen on Miami Heat: "LeBron James Is a F#$%in' Virtuoso"

Holy shit. What do you think about death metal starting in Tampa?
I understand that sort of darkness coming out of Norway. But from Tampa, I never understood it.

When you're playing the shit out of a guitar, can you achieve a higher state of consciousness?
Yeah. It's not really even in this dimension almost. Once you get into it, it's like you're somewhere else. Very magical.

You have a couple blues songs on Spellbound, like "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" and "Iron Blues."
I got the blues, man. Trust me. That's where I started. You have to have the blues to play guitar. You have to have the foundation, which is the blues. And after that, you do whatever. I play it every night.

What do you think about the arpeggio as the most perfect form of expression for guitar?
It's also much more than that. It's the violin technique of isolating notes, patterns, and vibrato that influence me a lot. I love the sound of it. That's something I worked many years on. Violinsts like Paganini are mind-boggling. I wanted to do something like that on guitar. That's how Bach and Tchaikovsky and stuff like that influence me. Classical is awesome.

Can a computer-generated tone ever beat a human-played guitar one?
No. Absolutely not. No chance. A musician at a certain level uses the instrument to express what it's like in his soul, you know. And a computer doesn't have a soul. The idea of the virtuoso goes way deeper than just the technique, and it cannot be duplicated.

Improvisation means making shit up as you go, how is that important to your style?
I just played 30 shows now in a row, and never the same thing twice. Improvisation, to me, it's perfection. It's crazy to expect that of yourself, but I've always been demanding.

Yo, man, you're fucking awesome at playing guitar.
I just do it superloud through Marshall stacks. That's what I do.

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