Bonnaroo Survival Secrets From Polyphonic Spree, Alanna Royale, Houndmouth, and Cloney

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Follow the Polyphonic Spree's advice. And you too shall survive Bonnaroo.

Bonnaroo veterans will agree that only two things can truly disrupt the euphoria at the Tennessee summer music festival -- inclement weather and Kanye West (read Bonnaroo 2008).

But for Bonnaroo virgins, the great outdoors -- a 700-acre farm, in this case -- might be rather intimidating. "I'm hearing that it's pretty to crazy to camp out," says first-time Bonnaroo performer Brian Harding of Ex Cops. "I'm sure that it's really fun, but we're only to be there for a day."

To help make camping more enjoyable, we asked some Bonnaroo artists to share their survival secrets with Crossfade. Their answers may surprise you.

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Katie Toupin, Houndmouth
Bug Spray

Houndmouth is scheduled to pop their Bonnaroo performance cherry at the new Music On Tap Lounge on Thursday, 5:30 p.m. But for Houndmouth-er Katie Toupin, Great Stage Park is familiar territory.

"The second year that I went, I slept in a tent," she says. "At night, I'd feel bugs crawling over me and thought nothing of it 'cause, you know, it's camping. On the last day, I picked up all my blankets and stuff [and realized that] an entire ant colon of ants had moved into my tent. So, I would suggest some bug spray."

Tim DeLaughter, Polyphonic Spree
Anxiety Medicine

For Polyphonic Spree frontman Tim DeLaughter, bloodthirsty mosquitoes take a backseat to overwhelming crowds, which pose the greatest challenge.

"Bring some Off [insect repellent], and plenty of water," he says. "I don't about you, but I get high anxiety around that many people. I don't really like to venture out into the crowds and stuff 'cause it's a lot of crazy-ass energy. But it's still fun, [there is] a lot of great music happening."

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