Cherub Will Slap You in the Face and/or Smack Your Butt Cheeks and Call You "Daddy"

Photo by Beau Burgess
This used to be Mexico City, but then Cherub partied too hard and now it's a field.

"Read more books" or "Fall in love."

We can't help you tick these things off your summer checklist. But if "Get freaky" or "Get really freaky" are on there, good news: Cherub's on the way.

Nashville's reigning electro-pop party freaks, will be coming to Miami, in part because they are touring the new 100 Bottles EP and in part because Miami is where the party is.

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But when Crossfade connected with Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley for a conference call, the Cherub dudes were split between two taxi cabs, heading to Greenpoint, Brooklyn to meet up with the members of Grammatik, with whom they just finished a U.S. tour.

"When we get to Miami," Jordan said, "I'm going to smack Jason in the face."

"No," Jason corrected his bandmate. "He's going to smack me on the butt cheeks and call me 'Daddy.'"

At the time of this conversation, Cherub was in New York to play the Governor's Ball, one of the many festivals the duo has been booked for this summer. The show at Bardot on Saturday, June 22, is a one-off squeezed into the schedule because the pair's never played Miami before.

Quite remarkably, Jason and Jordan have been world-touring party monsters pretty much since they started. Only a few months after forming Cherub, they toured Mexico.

"We got superlucky," Jordan explained, "to have a promoter who wanted to bring us down and show us a lot of central and southern Mexico. We did a handful of gigs and it was a really awesome experience.

"It gave us a good perspective," he added. "Instead of whining about being on the road and being like, 'Oh, we don't have the hotel rooms and blah blah blah,' we were forced to communicate with people through music and saying, 'Salud,' as we held up drinks."

With all of that communicating via tuneage and partying, do they ever get caught up in the moment when they're off-duty and start talking in the falsetto they use in many of their songs?

"I've never spoken in a falsetto," Jordan insisted. "I never sing karaoke. I'm never singing just in the middle of hanging out, just being superobnoxious and singing Creed songs."

Jason disagreed.

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