Flight School Preps on "New Miami" Rap Scene, ArtKlub, Da Camp, Raider Klan: "It's All Love"

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Flight School Preps know all about delays. They know the so-called "New Miami" hip-hop party started a few years ago. And their follow-up to last year's breakout Expensive Dreams mixtape was set to drop in March.

Now, two months after the planned street date, FSP's Jay, Sly, and Reese have finally arrived with BlackMarketED, just in time for the summer.

Better late than never.

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Crossfade: How do you guys know each other?
Sly: We all went to Dade Christian and played football together and it just flourished into music after that. Jay and Reese went off to college in Chicago and I was here at FIU and we would just send each other music. Jay always did the beats, Reese was the rapper, I came late. We just formed the group back in '09.

You guys have different personalities. How does that work out?
Jay: I think the fact that we have different personalities makes it all work. Because where I would lack in one area, like I'm real laid back and stuff, Sly is real on everything. He has to be organized, sending emails, like, "Hey, listen, we have to finish this," and me and Reese are chill. At times where he's getting to much into his stuff we're, like, just vibe.

You guys got recognized more when Expensive Dreams came out. What is that mixtape to you now?
Jay: We did projects before that, but you can say that was pretty much our first project because it was the one that got the most recognition and notoriety. We actually got active in trying to make it in the music business with that.

Reese: It was the first one we took musically, like we're on top of what we're creating. At that point, we did one previously before that called Original Soul and was not strategically put together. But Expensive Dreams we sat back and really focused on the music. We wasn't going out. We was just in the studio creating the music.

Jay: I think Expensive Dreams caught us in our developed stage. Everything else was kind of real premature.


What's the meaning behind the title BlackMarketED?
Jay: BlackMarketED is basically the next step we're on. Expensive Dreams was, "Hey, we're here. This is what we do." BlackMartketED is, "Hey, this is where we're at now from Expensive Dreams." That's why we put the "ED" at the end of it. Expensive Dreams is still where we're at, but this is the next step.

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