Miami Feeds Bonnaroo; GastroPod Returns for 2013 Food Truck Oasis


With the exception of Rachel R., an "Elite Squad" member on Yelp, epicures and live-music enthusiasts alike will appreciate that Bonnaroo's Food Truck Oasis is back for a third straight year.

Highlighting some of the South's finest meals-on-gastronomically-custom-wheels, the Oasis lineup is nearly as impressive as the festival bill itself. And Miami's award-winning GastroPod is among the Roo's seven trucks.

"Bonnaroo is the preeminent East Coast festival," says GastroPod owner and chef Jeremiah Bullfrog. "Plus, it's only an hour from Nashville, which has a cool scene."

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Photo by Jacob Katel

With Chef Bullfrog at the helm, the GastroPod team will spend two days hauling its roving gourmet kitchen some 850 miles from Miami to Manchester, Tennessee, before firing up the grill at a third consecutive Bonnaroo.

"It's five full-time staff, five volunteers, plus me," Bullfrog says. "We form like Voltron, and I'm the head."

Though the transformation from mortal human to super-robot has become increasingly less difficult for GastroPod after several years on the festival circuit, the unpredictability of Mother Earth continues to pose a great threat.

"Festivals are survival situations," says the bearded Bullfrog. "Be ready for extreme weather -- either hot and dusty or rainy and muddy."

Chef also advises experimental Bonnaroo virgins to steer clear of suspicious substances. "Don't do floor drugs!" he says.

And don't waste food!

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