Justin Bieber's Bodyguards Attack Photographer in Miami, Accused of Battery and Theft

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Via instagram.com/JustinBieber

Justin Bieber is a thug.

Well ... At least lil' homie's trying his hardest.

Lately, the Biebz has been publicly beefing with ex-NFL superstar Keyshawn Johnson. He's been the subject of multiple reckless driving investigations by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. And he even allegedly spit in a neighbor's face and threatened to kill him.

Now on vacay in Miami, JB's been all about illegal underage drankin' at SoBe clubs and Biscayne nudie bars. And if that wasn't thuggish-ruggish enough ... His bodyguards have allegedly attacked a Miami photographer.

UPDATE Bieber actually fought another photographer in Miami. And it was all caught on tape. "Grab that camera! Get that fucking camera outta here!"

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The Biebz ripping the mini-ramp during a 2012 trip to the Hit Factory.

Yesterday afternoon, according to Gossip Extra, Justin was just tryin' to score some skate time between recording sessions at North Miami's Hit Factory recording studio ... And soon, a paparazzo showed up.

That's when the Biebz's hired toughs confronted the photographer, put him in a headlock, snatched his camera, and stole the memory card.

Miami Dade Police Detective Roy Rutland has confirmed the incident with Gossip Extra, saying: "The [responding] officer concluded that what occurred may have been a simple battery and possibly theft," adding that "the photographer can pursue this with the state attorney's office if he chooses."

Currently, we here at Crossfade are checking whether charges are actually being laid. But there are still so many other questions ...

Has JB finally spiralled totally out of control? And why is lil' homie so obsessed with this spoiled pop thug fantasy? And does Beebzy realize he's about to become the new Breezy?

Via instagram.com/JustinBieber

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Sorry, he seems to have a warped idea of what he can legally do.   You apparently believe that giving money to charity or for a crisis puts you above the law.  As too many "musicians, actors, etc." are finding out what it will get you in time behind bars.  And stories exaggerating?, maybe sometimes, but sorry he was caught his escapades were caught on another device beside the sim card he took.  Also, it's become too common so if you keep hearing it there has to be some basis in fact or the same sort of stories wouldn't keep coming out.   OOPS!  Busted.  He's not as squeaky clean as he was a few years ago and his actions are creating a reputation that's not a good one.


I bet that if there were a destructive hurricane in your area, you would not mind taking his money for disaster relief. He has contributed millions of dollars to places like Haiti and Japan for that purpose as well as New York and New Jersey-but you never hear of it. Also, he was considered in an article one the most charitable celebrities recently-i bet you never heard of that. The media reports only his mistakes generally because that sells.


People are constantly attacking him based on articles that exaggerate everthing he does or lie. I have seen this over and over. It's unfair. When I bring out the facts people ignore them and attack me. This hatred is something that I despise. If people have the right to smear and attack him, I have the right to respond; it does not mean he does not make mistakes-don't we all? By the way, I am an adult who things for himself and checks things.


This is the typical smear article of this kid based on gossip sites like TMZ that have been trying to ruin his career. These photographers are out to get dirt on him for gossip sites to trash him. He and his bodyguards don't want them taking pics at close range, unless they ask for permission. This guy probably instigated this. The allegations in L.A. have not been proven. Some of the speeding incidents involved his friends like Lil Twist. He is hardly in L.A. since he's been traveling all over the world. Some, not all, of his neighbors don't like him or his black friends so they want him out whatever it takes even exaggerating.

Tony Miller
Tony Miller

I hate biebs but I hate the paparazzi more. Without paparazzi the likes of Kardashian and lilo wouldn't exist.

Marshall Johns
Marshall Johns

One can only hope that he follows Lilo's footsteps and disappears forever.


@cardonaivando - You need a hobby.  A better role model - something. Defend the planet, the ocean, animals - something! The fact that you speak as if you know Beibs is alarming.  Where are your parents?

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