Los Amigos Invisibles at Grand Central Miami: A 10-Photo Recap

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Los Amigos Invisibles
With Mr. Pauer and Me vs. Murphy
Grand Central, Miami
Saturday June 8, 2013

Over the weekend, just as Venezuelan party band Los Amigos Invisibles promised, the crowd at Grand Central in Miami was left "sweating from so much dancing."

The fiesta started with DJ-producer Mr. Pauer mixing classic rock songs with Latin rhythms. It continued with some power-pop from Me vs. Murphy. And the whole thing peaked with a raucous and funky Latin rock set by Amigos.

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Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Mr. Pauer is a Latin Grammy-nominated producer and remixer, born in Venezuela, based in Miami. Among the pioneers of new Latin electronica, he is an expert at setting the perfect mood at these kinds ofthrowdowns.

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Once the crowd was warmed up, Me vs. Murphy performed some of its songs, mixed with pop covers, like Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble," which got a very unexpected and refreshing rockero twist. The audience loved it and sang out loud.

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Finally, Los Amigos Invisibles took the Grand Central stage and made the crowd sweat all night long. Just as promised.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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