Rick Ross Sued Over Unpaid $90,000 Rolex Bill

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Via facebook.com/RickRoss

The Bawse don't pay his debts.

That's the accusation being tossed around by King Johnny, AKA The Original Johnny the Jeweler -- a Houston watch, pendant, bracelet, necklace, and ring merchant who's suing Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group over an unpaid Rolex bill.

The total: $89,847.50, plus interest.

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Via TMZ.com

In the suit (as reported by TMZ), Johnny's Custom Jewelry claims that Ricky Rozay and MMG ordered three diamond Rolexes in August 2012. But almost a full year later, there's been no payment.

Oddly, despite this big bill beef, the Bawse (wearing a smaller gold-and-diamond pendant version of himself) still appears on JCJ's website, reppin' the Hustletown bling purveyor.


Still, according to JCJ's "itemized statement of balance due," the Bawse's debt breaks down as follows: (1) a $55,000 customized 18K gold watch with 30 carats of diamonds; (2) a $14,000 gold watch with seven carats of diamonds; and (3) a $14,000 two-tone watch with five carats of diamonds.

The Houston jeweler is demanding the debt be immediately settled.

God forgives, King Johnny don't.

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

All show but no money, there are people in miami that seem to have money but in reality they are doing insurance fraud or the pyramid fraud, alot of these so called rappers RENT their lambo's

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