Six Pop Music Porn Stars, From Too Short to American Idol's Nathaniel Marshall

Too $hort goes on and on, even on camera.

The pop music industry is a lot like the porn industry.

You've got throwaway faces with hot bodies ready to do almost anything for the fame and fortune. Honestly, a lot of the music videos coming out today might as well be porno clips.

With the lines of decency so blurred, it's no surprise pop stars would try their hand in the XXX arena. Metal monsters, leading ladies and even American Idol contestants have bumped uglies on screen for money.

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Nathaniel Marshall
You may know this adorable mug from the American Idol stage. The season 8 hopeful may not have won the hearts of Idol watchers, but he did find a place to make his dreams come true ... The gay porn industry! That's right, you can now catch Mr. Marshall bearing it all for hunky bros. Who needs votes, anyway?

Evan Seinfeld

Anyone who believes there's no love in porn clearly hasn't heard the story of Biohazard guitarist Evan Seinfeld and his lovely porn star wife Tera Patrick. Apparently, some of the passion for her work rubbed off on the metal god after vows were exchanged, and the happy couple started their own porn business. How does that work? Well, they keep things classy by only boning each other. Aww, real love.

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