XXYYXX: "People Expect the Same Popular Song, Over and Over Again, I Hate That"


Marcel Everett, AKA XXYYXX, is just like any other teenager on the planet. He hated high school. He's mourning some broken young love. Oh, and he's toured Europe a few times. No big deal.

Everett stumbled onto the path of success with a self-titled release that he produced almost as an afterthought. That album has earned the praise of his idols and found him sharing the stage with his heroes.

The last time he visited Miami, Everett opened for Gold Panda, and that was supersurreal. Now he's coming back to headline his own show.

But, like, y'know, he's just a kid. It's no big deal or whatever.

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Crossfade: You were supposed to play Bardot in March, but you had to cancel because you were sick. People were wondering how you could cancel during WMC.
XXYYXX: I was, like, sick. I can play sick, but I was on another-level sick.

What's your live show like?
It's not that impressive. I do the same thing everyone does. I have a pretty amateur setup. I use my laptop and an APC40. I'm pretty sure there are billions of producers who do the same thing. But yeah, I'm not really a performer. I'm more of a music maker.

Well, you're 17.

Are you still in school?
I graduated early. There was this college I went to by my house that had a high-school program where you could graduate at your own pace. So I left high school because it was terrible and finished there.

I take it you weren't ever the cool kid in school?
No. Haha. Definitely not.

Orlando is a strange place. I grew up in South Florida, and I always thought of Orlando as this awful, corporate theme-park mess, but I've gotten to know some people there and there are some hidden gems. What has it been like for you?
I'm just now discovering the hidden gems. So growing up, I was pretty not down to stay here for that long, but it's not really in my control. Orlando is not as bad as I used to think it was. I just wish there was more going on. There's still some artists who are very quiet and underground, but when you find those musicians and visual artists, they're really cool.

Who are some of them?
I can't really name that many. But Guillermo Casanova, he's my visual guy, he's awesome. He's a great visual artist and he does live VJing stuff that's really cool. Every couple of days, I find new producers on soundcloud from Florida. It's impressive. I had no idea that many people made music here. C.Z. is cool. JWLS, he's from Miami. Fortune Howl, stuff from the same label I'm on. Good friends of mine.

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