Daft Punk's Durex Condoms: A Five-Step Guide to "Get Lucky"

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Let's take a little journey into the mind of the modern woman. Is she up all night to the sun just for good fun? Or is that just what she'll tell you because she doesn't want to seem too easy?

Trust us, when she's with her girls and her gay friends, all she's talking about is getting some. So when you hit the dance floor, you've got to be ready to "Get Lucky." And thankfully, Daft Punk and Durex have just the funky thing to handle your gushy stuff.

Unfortunately, Daft Punk condoms are currently available only to famous DJs for promotional reasons, which sucks for the rest of us. So we need a five-step guide to "Get Lucky."

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Find the Right Girl
Getting lucky doesn't mean boinking the bottom feeder. Getting lucky means you landed the hottest and wittiest girl in the club, or at least in the top five. When shooting your load, make sure you shoot for the moon.

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Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson

Obviously they blew their whole budget on marketing rather than putting together a good album

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