DJ Benton on Electric Pickle: "I Don't Think Wynwood Realizes What They Have There"

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Benton's gonna kick ass with vinyl.

You might wanna brush up on those kickboxing skills because Thursday nights at the Electric Pickle are gonna knock you out.

It's One Two Punch, the latest weekly party to go down at the Pickle since its return to the party grind after a short-lived hiatus earlier this year.

The action-packed bash is a mix of DJ Benton's eclectic funk, soul, and "failed pop" tracks with Mixx Piggy's goth and dance hits from the '70s. The result, according to Benton, is pure musical bliss that'll make "you want to wiggle."

The other week, Crossfade spoke with DJ Benton about the One Two Punch kickoff and Jolt Radio website launch going down tonight at the Pickle. The DJ broke down the pun behind One Two Punch, explained his signature musical style, and revealed his true feelings about the Pickle.

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Crossfade: One Two Punch. What inspired the name? Do you wanna knock people out with your music?
DJ Benton: [Laughs] It's not necessarily knocking them out with the music. I kind of have my own eclectic mix of music. One is the resident DJ, which is me, two are the other DJs, Mixx Piggy and a guest, and the Punch is the $4 Electric Punch we serve from my friend in the Juicery Bar in Brickell. That's kind of the pun behind it... It's really a fun party. It's high-energy.

How is One Two Punch different from the other parties at the Pickle?
There's only one other night at the Pickle, which is ladies night with Andrew Ward and the Pelvic Thrust guys. It's more of a deep house sort of vibe. This party is like from the ashes of the last party we had [Eclectic Electric]. It's the phoenix rising from those ashes, but different. This is supposed to be more where we come from and open people up to a lot of different tastes... There's also Mixx Piggy, and she's playing goth music and dance music from the '70s. It's a larger spectrum of music that you might not usually hear at the Pickle, but it still fits.

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