Favorite '80s Freestyle Songs, According to Miami Music Junkies

Photo by Laurie Charles
Maybe the photobomber in the back was getting ready to jam to some '80s freestyle wth Maria Huooten, right, and her friend.

A crew of New Yorkers decked out in black baseball caps, black-and-neon muscles tees, and old-school Nike kicks, hard-core players slapping ping-pong balls, and hitting up nines on pool tables, ladies getting rowdy on a stripper pole, and guys showing off their hip-hop skills to a remix of Daft Punk ...

That's the party at Chalk Ping Pong & Billiards Lounge. And if you've ever been to the Washington Avenue and 12th Street joint, you know Chalk isn't your typical South Beach hot spot. Unlike Mansion, Bamboo, and the rest of the megaclubs, Chalk has a vintage, retro vibe that takes you back to the days of arcades and break-dancing.

As music blasted on the speakers during Housexxy night, Miami music junkies came up with their favorite '80s freestyle songs.

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Guy "Teddy's Jam"

"This really isn't a freestyle song, but it's my favorite from the 80s," said Maria Huooten as she took a break from playing pool.

"I like to dance, so when it comes on, I automatically run into the dance floor. It makes you feel good."

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Chalk Ping Pong & Billiards Lounge - CLOSED

1234 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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isnt diamond girl by tka?

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