Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

Even the "American Dubstep King" 12th Planet loves you, South Florida.

Living in one of the world's most popular party cities has its perks.

Sure, you get herds of tourists who stop in the middle of the street to gaze at the reflection of the blinding sun off perfectly tanned, sweaty beach bods ... But you also get a slew of talented artists who make it all the way to the 305 to perform for us beautiful people.

Check the cut for Crossfade's five best concerts in Miami this week, from British heavy metal to Canadian pop.

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Black Sabbath. With Andrew W.K. Wednesday, July 30, 7:30 p.m., Cruzan Amphitheatre, Map & Directions 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach; 561-795-8883; Tickets cost $25-$119 plus fees via Legends never die. Just take a look at the heavy metal extraordinaires Black Sabbath. They've resurrected from a thirty-plus year silence, so "paint your claws, dye your hair, eat a dove alive," and get your ass to West Palm Beach for what's sure to be one hell of a reunion.

Location Info


Coral Sky Amphitheatre

601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm Beach, FL

Category: Music

The Fillmore Miami Beach

1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

Magic City Casino

450 NW 37th Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General


3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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George Hoover
George Hoover

YO! How's about a review of the masterpiece that is: MIATOWN ~ THE BIG 5 ??? It's a new genre for the new millennium from Miami. Get it now on iTunes or Amazon and you will have spent your best ten bucks of the year! DALEEE!!!


Where is KEN Mode @ Churchill's this Wednesday? Or Ceremony on Thursday at the same place? How is 12 Planet (awful) considered a concert? Or Brenmar? Do you even know half of the things that are happening in the city? Doesn't seem that way. 

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