Five EDM Fads That Need To Die

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Hey, beat freaks. Step away from the rave gloves. Take off the kandi bracelets.

It's time to own up. You've exhausted a batch of trends that have metamorphosed the once vibrant, sonically diverse electronic dance music movement into an LED inferno of pacifier-sucking, furry-booted creatures praising deadpan androids behind a laptop.

And we know, you just shelled out $500 to be herded like neon-clad cattle at a larger-than-life music festival (Avicii is headlining, and you haven't heard "Levels" in ages!), but before you embark on your next trip, here are five EDM fads that need to die.

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5. Mindless Frat Tanks and Tees
Frat finery has made a lasting impression beyond Greek Row. These eyesores are an EDM staple, but are often just plain chauvinistic. Sure, "Keep Calm and Plur On" is a harmless, unimaginative version of Britain's World War II mantra, and "Rave Rave Rave" is a nod to the overzealousness of those damn ragers. But just because the ladies of EDM don sequined bras and butt-floss on the reg, that doesn't mean bros should pound them with cock logic. If Peace, Love, Unity, Respect is your credo, please don't rep "Cool story hoe, now suck my dick" on your chest.

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it's funny. looking at some of the articles, particularly about use of vicks and the chewing of dummies etc reminds me of the rave scene in the UK in 1991 as people did exactly the same thing back then (and i never really cared much for it then either). i'm just about to turn 40 and i remember getting into all of this back in 1989 when it first started to make a proper splash in england. i'm still into it now. i still DJ, produce, run club nights and it's all about the underground for me, because that's where you find the people who go out to party because of the *music*, not to pick up girls/guys or show off a ridiculously 'ironic' item of headwear.

another thing is that this EDM thing that America seems to have recently discovered actually came from the gay and minority discos in your country, yet was largely dismissed as 'fag music', the same way disco was in the 70's. that's where the UK stepped in, happily steering and nurturing the scene to the global phenomenon that it is today, only for it to be greeted again like the prodigal son by a country that really didn't know what to do with it the first time round. don't just take my word for it; NY legend david morales is quoted as saying that while the US might have invented dance music it would never have reached global popularity without the UK's involvement.

seems a bit unfair for me to label all our stateside cousins in such disparaging terms. there are obviously a great many people in your fair land who obviously do get it, and who always have. the people i'm talking about here are the ones making all the hilarious style errors and who are only in it for the short term before the NBT comes along.

i saw this piece recently and it gave me a good chuckle so i'm sharing it with you now. don't be offended if you recognize yourself, us brits do sarcasm to olympic standards.


.....there are a lot of subcategories of EDM music....

Mibalz Ezhari
Mibalz Ezhari

Next list will be top 10 places to have your rave themed quinceaneras.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Oh Look.  A girl doesn't like some T-shirts.......  isn't that cute.   Now go make me a sandwich.

Mibalz Ezhari
Mibalz Ezhari

15 year old summer intern gets to write an article today!


I think a key element in any new music fad is to annoy anyone over 25.


@misterwrong I'm 46.  HUGE dance music fan since the days of disco and I DO follow what's going on now.  I even have an online show based on this.  What is ANNOYING me about what's going on is the high level of greed and people blindly buying into it and at the same time people being "priced out" of that experience.

I'm cool with this music being the voice of today's youth.  Every youth culture needs that rebellion.  I just think it's all going to crash and burn as it continues to escalate out of control somehow.

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