Five Ways to Get Drunk at Art Walk

Photo by Claire Nelson
These guys know how to party, Art Walk style.

Come the second Saturday of every month, European tourists with Nikons hanging around their necks, local hipsters, art aficionados, booze seekers scouting free drinks, and just about everyone else flocks to Wynwood for Art Walk.

And while the true purpose of this monthly event is allowing galleries to enjoy a mass audience and snag a few sales, the reality is that culture lovers are also hunting for some liquor! So here are five ways to get drunk at Art Walk.

Warning: Once inebriated, you may not need much convincing to buy that ridiculously expensive painting of a sunflower wearing shades.

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Photo by Laurie Charles
Long live the Captain.

This guy was as hardcore as they come. While standing on the street corner and watching a theatrical reenactment of what appeared to be a Jason Voorhees lynching, he took a swig of Captain Morgan, straight outta the bottle.

"Bring your own booze," he said, describing his method for getting plastered during Art Walk.

You can't go wrong with the Captain.

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These guys or genius..... so basically the way to get drunk at art walk is... to drink alcohol at artwalk......... best article I have ever read in my entire life.


so good.... . ..  .    .

Chard Beauregarde
Chard Beauregarde

This is the same media that'll promote this sort of thing then turn around and complain about it two weeks later.

Fancy Pants McDonahue
Fancy Pants McDonahue

There is culture in Miami, it's just fragmented and not at all mainstream. It rests in the minds and hearts of those who purvey to the arts.

Fancy Pants McDonahue
Fancy Pants McDonahue

Congratulations on simultaneously trivializing and completely missing the point of Artwalk. How insulting is this to the artists who dedicate themselves to their craft then display their works only to have drunk idiots/vapid opportunists stumble into their galleries for the sole purpose of siphoning what hooch they can and pose like imbeciles in front of a piece or two; stick to the clubs and leave the cultural events to the intelligent, that goes for you too Laurie Charles, shame on you.

Cary Cary
Cary Cary

There is no culture in Miami. Miami's idea of culture is Calle Ocho!

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

How will you remember the art if you just spend the entire time getting wasted? In many articles you claim that art walk is getting too big for itself and lost its original meaning and roots yet you contradict yourself by encouraging a party like atmosphere. Why is that we HAVE to make every place The Vagabond? Can we have something that is culturally stimulating without intoxication and inebriation? I like a good drink as much as the next guy but damn grow the fuck up at some point, not every thing need to be turned into a drunkfest. How about five ways you can become a better art aficionado at Art Walk instead?? And i just love how every person in your pictures look like they are 19...

Heather Barranco
Heather Barranco

Lexy, Sarah and Tatiana, we definitely wouldn't have been

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