J. Cole: Five Reasons He Doesn't Suck


How many rappers are there with multiple number-ones and college degrees? How many rappers stay pure amid the media circus, refusing to change who they are physically or morally? How many rappers are immediately embraced by the biggest names in the industry while spitting cold, hard truths?

On second thought, maybe we should call them Cole hard truths, because J. Cole must be the only man who fits this lofty description. He may be a Born Sinner. But today, he's nothing less than winning, and here's why you can't miss his What Dreams May Come tour with Wale when it kicks off at Miami's James L. Knight Center on September 10.

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He's Actually Mad Smart
Most rappers like to talk about how they didn't ever have a back-up plan, and even Cole's mentor Kanye West made a career off of dropping out of school, but Cole isn't 'bout that ignorant life. It's true he moved from his home in North Carolina to New York City chasing a hip-hop dream, but instead of just hustling, selling drugs, or pushing mixtapes, he applied himself and earned a college degree from St. John's University. He majored in communication and minored in business, graduating magna cum laude.

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James L. Knight Center

400 SE Second Ave., Miami, FL

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Didn't this pussy boycott Florida? Why the fuck are you even covering anything he has to say?


Sincerely hope he plays material from The Warm Up and The Come Up. Not just the hits.

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