Jacuzzi Boys on "Double Vision" Video: Hipster Girls Gone Wild, "Licking Bowling Balls"

Jacuzzi Boys

If we had to name our most anticipated albums of 2013, Jacuzzi Boys would easily be on that list.

But the wait is almost over. The Boys' self-titled LP drops September 10 via Hardly Art. And they already gave us a taste of what to expect, first with the track "Domino Moon" and then with "Double Vision."

Now the JBs have upped the hype with a video for "Double Vision." And Crossfade's just so stoke that we had to talk to guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Alcala about it.

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"Double Vision" is easily the band's most accessible track to date. If you've complained about Jacuzzi Boys being too noisy (you're crazy, by the way), "Double Vision" sees their garage sound mellow out a bit in favor of slicker productions and a st-st-st-stuttering hook. The track manages to feel breezy and unnerving at the same time.

Perhaps it's no surprise that director Corey Adams captures that breezily unnerving feeling in the official video for the song -- which happens to be the Boys' sleekest video to date. Not that we mind, if anybody has to the potential to break out of these here swamplands, it's the Jacuzzi Boys.

The video starts out innocently enough, with a group of girlfriends coming together for what we presume is an obligatory girl's night out. They eventually start terrorizing a old man in his car and then take him for a joyride.

New Times: "Double Vision" is probably your most polished work to date. Is it an indication of what the rest of the self-titled album will sound like?
Gabriel Alcala: Well, the new record was recorded at the same spot where we did Glazin'. I think the difference is that on this record we tried to treat every song as it's own thing. I think on Glazin', we sorta had a glammy vibe we wanted the whole album to have... very on the surface. You know... girls, girls, girls. These new batch of songs, lyrics-wise and sonically, we tried to capture the ups and downs of a night out in Miami. It's pretty dark, intense and beautiful -- at least to me.

What was the idea behind the video for "Double Vision"?
Corey Adams is awesome. He had a couple of treatments for the video and he ended up going with something totally different in the end. I can't speak for him, but the video to me is basically about going through your daily life. Doing whatever 'job' you're supposed to 'do', and being thrown a curve ball and completely letting go and enjoying it.

You don't make an appearance on the video, was that intentional?
There was talk of having us in the video, in a way. I think the girls were supposed to stick their tongues through our faces printed out on sheets of paper.

Did director Corey Adams approach you with the concept behind the video?
He sent some pretty bizarre ideas -- chickens in air balloons, boxing matches. In the end, there's girls licking bowling balls and kidnapping an old man that I hope is me when I get older.

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