Miami's Ten Favorite Karaoke Songs

Photo by Laurie Charles
Stewart Tilton, the epic yeller of Seven Seas.

The sweet smell of liquor filled the smoky room as a Blondie doppelganger rocked on to AC/DCs "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap."

It was karaoke night at Seven Seas, and just like the crowd you would expect to find at one of Miami's best dive bars, former self-proclaimed rock stars with hair past their shoulders, Tenacious D music junkies, chicks unleashing their inner diva to No Doubt, and even dudes in large, dark-framed glasses staring in shock at the madness packed the nautical-themed bar adorned with a moose head, fish nets, and a giant lobster.

Somewhere in between Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" and Diana Ross' "Mirror, Mirror," the stars of the night revealed their favorite songs to sing along to in public while heavily intoxicated.

Here are the ten best karaoke songs, according to the lyrical hard hitters at Seven Seas.

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Justin Timberlake, "Mirrors"

"'Mirrors' because it's complicated," said Jez Visitante who had just finished singing to Diana Ross.

"I also like personalities like Madonna. I can't sing, so I like when the crowd sings with me, but only if they're good. I'd rather dance."

Michael Jackson, "Remember the Time"

Jez may have shown off his pipes to Miss Ross, but he definitely proved he can dance when he later performed Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time."

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Thanks to New Times and Laurie Charles for this great Article at Se7aS Bar

I am the Karaoke DJ and have hosted at Se7aS Bar since 2004. We Currently have Karaoke on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday nights and you can get my information at

Just an FYI but I don't have the Tenacious D song mentioned in this article and therefore it was not played the night you were there and the Pantera song does not exist in Karaoke. Just want to avoid people asking me for these songs and saying that they saw them in the Article. 

Again Thanks from Se7aS Bar ( & Karaoke with Bernie


Kinda random assortment of songs, definitely not common songs at the Se7as. And that Pantera song doesn't exist in karaoke.

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