Kevin Hart Sued by Cameo Miami, but Club Says "the Matter Has Been Settled"

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Kevin Hart's a baller.

He is America's newest standup comedy superstar. He is personal pals with rap heavies like Rick "The Bawse" Ross. And he is the reigning MVP of the NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game too.

Unfortunately, though, Kev's love of the limelight, celebrity friends, and pro ball recently led to a lawsuit from Cameo Miami.

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On June 22, Hart was slated to host an American Black Film Festival party at the South Beach megaclub.

But when the Miami Heat won Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals, clinching a second consecutive Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, the comedian chose to bail on his contracted Cameo gig to go party with Dwyane Wade and the rest of the #HeatNation at another SoBe nightlife spot, Dream Nightclub.


That's when Cameo sued.

As reported by TMZ, the Opium Group-owned club was demanding $15,000, claiming to have "spent $4,680 on Kevin's event for nothing" while angry customers questioned the club's credibility over Hart's no-show.

But whereas TMZ reports that Cameo continues to pursue the lawsuit (despite "Kevin re-schedul[ing] his Cameo hosting gig for... July 22, and his manager [saying] the whole beef had been squashed"), a representative from Opium Group tells Crossfade something different.

Refusing to reveal many details, the Opium rep simply confirms: "The matter has been settled."

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"angry customers questioned the club's credibility over Hart's no-show." Wait, Cameo has credibility?? Since when? Crobar indeed did, but I did not know of this new fact.

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