Carol City's King Colosus: "There's a Million Trayvons"

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King Colosus rose from the streets of Carol City to malls all over America when he signed a groundbreaking independent distribution deal in 2008 for his solo rap debut.

But before his album was ever shrink-wrapped and stocked on the shelves at Best Buy, his lyrics echoed through the rec rooms of South Florida prisons.

Today, he and his Dade Fire conglomerate work with former Kansas City Chiefs running back Thomas Jones and the School for Audio Engineering, while consistently grinding out indie releases.

We here at Crossfade caught up with the never-sleeping artist to talk about his past, murders in Miami, and what the future holds.

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Crossfade: How has your music changed over time?
King Colosus: When it all started, it was about how I'm a hood nigga. Now it's still street but more about street awareness, bringing certain things to light. I don't just wanna talk about the regular bullshit.

I wanna talk about the security guard who shot my homeboy in the back on the way to his car. He had no gun or nothing, and this racist-ass shit happens on the regular.

My condolences. What happened with that?
He was in the parking lot at The Lexx. I guess he had a verbal altercation, and this nigga the security guard shot him in the back seven times in broad daylight, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, and saw no time.

This type of shit go on on the regular. There's like a million Trayvons, but not all get blown up. There's no publicity because of the politics. The TV don't talk about it unless they benefit from it financially. Same old shit.

I still got club shit about fucking bitches and smoking weed, but I'm trying to do more shining light and bringing attention to shit that gets ignored out here.

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