Carol City's King Colosus: "There's a Million Trayvons"

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Shit, there went your video guy...
I had no videographer, and I didn't wanna have to pay for one, so I started Dade Fire Films, and that took off. Now I'm doing music videos, docs for nightclubs, blogs, it's a whole other level. I was always so focused on music and the record label that I missed all these other forms of makin money.

Who you working with?
I'm doing my own music videos, and ones for other artists, a couple corporate clients like SAE, The School For Audio Engineering, Thomas Jones who was running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. He's got a record label, Independently Major Entertainment.

What'd you do for him?
Music video for his artist Blow. We just put his video on Worldstar and that shit had 8 million views in 2 days. That was a real good thing

What you got coming out next?

Right now I got my new EP coming out July 15th. Last year I had King Shit 1.0, so now I'm doing King Shit 2.0. And a video for every song. At the end it's gonna be like a mini movie.

Where can people find out more?
My website, my company , and I'm on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. You can also email or call 786-318-7516.

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