LeBron James Vacations in China, Hires 24/7 DJ for His Hotel Room

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How does a repeat NBA champion, reigning NBA Finals MVP, four-time NBA Most Valuable Player, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and perennial All-Star spend the pro basketball offseason?

He tours the Asian continent. He vacations in Guangzhou, China. And obviously, he hires a "24/7 DJ" named "Bear" for his hotel room.

As LeBron James himself says: "#ThisIsLiving #Awesomeness"

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"Yo, I'm out here in Guangzhou, man, in my hotel room at the W," 'Bron brags in an Instagram video posted about 11 hours ago. "I just gotta show you somethin'."

Then the MVP of, like, everything pans his camera away from his own smirking face toward another corner of the suite to reveal a Chinese disc jockey working out the decks with some old-school soul samples, notably Al Green's "Love and Happiness."

"I got my own 24/7 DJ in my room," the baller boasts, punctuating the sentence with a satisfied shake of his Miami Heat-hatted head.

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Who's disagreeing with you, Donnie Donnie?

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

Who cares, thats his money, he can do whatever he wants

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