Marilyn Manson's Top Six NSFW Moments


The man born Brian Warner is actually rather shy. But give him some color contacts, a latex body suit, and a crowd of thousands and that skinny, pasty, quiet Florida boy transforms into Marilyn Manson, one of the most shocking musical entertainers of all time.

After nearly two decades of musical mayhem, he still knows how to push the boundaries of decency. His live shows are legendary. And luckily, he's coming home for a shock-rock show at the Fillmore Miami Beach on Sunday, July 21.

But what exactly should we expect? Let's hope for something just as provocative as these top six NSFW moments.

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Simulated Sex
So, Warner is shy. But Manson is not. He regularly struts across the stage in skimpy outfits, unafraid to let a little ass or genital come creeping out. He's also not afraid of playing a little rough and getting a bit dirty. Sometimes, he has guys get up there and simulate sex with him. Y'know, from the back. And sometimes, they'll get down on all fours and do the oral shake. Hey, it's not a show for the sexually squeamish.

Bouncer Ball Play
Bouncer ball play. Most of us probably remember when Manson made headlines for allegedly sexually assaulting a bouncer standing guard near the stage at one of his shows. It was 2002, and as we've discussed, Manson has a penchant for doin' a little midset bump and grind. Well, one day, he must have taken it too far, getting caught up in the moment and wrapping his legs around the head of a very large and angry man. The shock rocker was subsequently chided for allegedly wiping his sweaty genitals all over the accuser's face. Now, that's what we call a splash zone.

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The Fillmore Miami Beach

1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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