Trick Daddy on George Zimmerman Acquittal: "AmeriKKKa"

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Trick Daddy luh the kids. And as the self-proclaimed Mayor of the 305, you know he's got to keep watch over the Florida justice system. So when an unarmed, 17-year-old kid is shot and killed by a grown man who then walks free, Trick Daddy calls shenanigans all over the place.

He's got more than a few problems with the jury, the judge, and the prosecution. But let's let him explain it himself, in 140 characters or less.

From the beginning, Trick thought shit looked fishy.

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This shit just got fishier.

Then shit got mad real.

Trick was calling the whole system racist.

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You guys sure seem to be biased as fuck on this issue huh? How about unbiased journalism and giving people the facts, not having all these shit role models that do nothing for the community here where black on black crime is as prevalent as cafecito windows. Hire some real journalists not the flock of Liberal college freshmen writers you have on staff. Here's a tip watch The News Room on HBO and learn how the news should be told. 

miamitrev2 topcommenter

Crossfade/MNT "luh" to race bait


Trickdaddy is on point, and so is the KKK -- GO FIGURE!!!

miamitrev2 topcommenter

MNT "luh" race baiting

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