Trina's "Ass Fat": An Extremely Detailed Breakdown


Trina is Da Baddest Bitch. And that's the way it's been ever since her career first took off in the late '90s.

But it's a decade and a half later. And the 34 year old's got some stiff competition, what with all these bodacious youngins hitting the charts.

In an age when ass shots are plentiful and every stripper has a surgically enhanced donk bigger than the next, Miami's Diamond Princess had to hit the beat and remind these freaks who indeed has the "Ass Fat" to make a player throw his cash.

For serious, "you don't know nann ho," and we're going to break it down for you.

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0:00 - 0:38
Meek Mill may be from Philly, but he runs with Rock Ross' Maybach Music Group. So he's practically a Florida resident. That being said, you can't be from Florida and not recognize Trina as the queen of wet dreams. That's why Meek gets on the track to let us know, indeed, that "shawty ass fat." Also ... Freak alert: Money makes Trina cum.

0:39 - 1:05
Trina does not play. She feels no need to hide that she is the fanciest trick ever. She reminds us that her "ass been fat." She's the trendsetter, not the trend jumper. Plus, hers is natural, unlike than those other famous booty hogs.

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