UZ Talks Trap: "Let the Music Speak for Itself"


The EDM world has become overrun with arena-sized egos, but somewhere in the dark recesses of the trap remains a golden-masked figure who prefers to "ⱢЄ₮ ₮ῌЄ ϺṲϨỊϾ ϨⱣЄ∆К ₣ØЯ Ị₮ϨЄⱢ₣."

Yes, he also prefers to type everything in trianglish, but that's beside the point. Because it doesn't matter who's looking out from beneath that black hoodie, it only matters how your body feels when you're being beaten like the drums.

That's why the Grand Central dance floor damn near became a mosh pit as soon as UZ's gun-smoking hands touched the 1s and 2s.

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Mix solid talent with complete mystery, and you're almost guaranteed a hit. The line wrapped down the sidewalk and around Grand Central for a good hour and a half before the masked man appeared. Inside, people were entertained by what looked like an empty pair of decks, but what was upon closer inspection a guy who goes by Sluggers, playing from turntables behind the main setup.

Thank god Sluggers didn't try warming us up with the usual hard-hitting bang fest, because we wouldn't have had any energy left over for the main event. But his smooth style of futuristic disco shit was exactly what we needed. More openers should be on the Disclosure tip by now.


At 1:30 a.m., the crowd erupted as UZ, that familiar masked figure emerged from the shadows, taking position and throwing a few gun hands in the air. An MC grabbed the mic and asked the fans if they were "ready for some real trap shit." It turns out UZ doesn't know anything else.

Trap blew up on the scene about a year and a half ago. And to be honest, the genre is past its prime. That's half of what makes an artist like UZ so damn admirable. He can actually bring a dead trapped-out body back to life.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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wtf, trap is not past its prime...its barely begun.  The genre is only getting better and better, we got guys like bro safari, flosstradamus, brillz, diplo, baauer, rl grime, hucci, gent and jawns, yellow claw, valentino khan, just to name a few. makes the ladies get down, and who dont like that

Anthony Brooks
Anthony Brooks

"Trap blew up on the scene about a year and a half ago. And to be honest, the genre is past its prime".......really ?

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