12th Planet Talks Dubstep, Trap Houses, and Drop-Crotch Pants


America loves dance music, and bass music is especially beloved by thousands, probably millions, of happy beat freaks, from Miami to New York and Los Angeles.

Now, we can't really say 12th Planet is the man responsible for the current bass trend in the U.S., but we can say he his futuristic vision helped push the crowds onto the dance floor. He helped import the dubstep sound from London back in the mid 2000s, and as far as he's concerned, the bass movement is going harder and stronger than ever.

Straight from the mythical land of Nibiru (or maybe just Hollywood), he'll be landing at Grand Central this Friday to unleash face-melting, bone-crushing space-gangster beats. But first, we had this little chat.

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Via statigr.am/12thplanet

Crossfade: So, it's 2013, and 2012 has come and gone. What is 12th Planet up to the year after the apocalypse?
Dadzie: 12th planet is wearing drop crotch pants now. It's so cool. I got these skin graft pants, it's this company from downtown LA, they have a store front in New York too. they're fucking dope. That's what's been good in 2013 so far.

You always have something cool to shout out.
You've gotta be able to predict the future. Like omnipresent, omniscient, all that omni stuff.

You do that a lot. Something I thought was interesting was that this whole trap-house movement has exploded, it's become the norm kind of. But you've been playing traditional trap music in the southern hip-hop sense forever. How stoked were you when it seemed more DJs were coming around to that sound in the dance music scene?
What is trap-house? That's like where they sell crack, right?

That is what a trap house is, technically.
Oh, so you're like trap and house, like two different musics. My bad. I was just like, woah, we're talking about trap houses. Miami New Times, awesome.

Well, if you have anything interesting to say about trap houses, I'm definitely open to hear it.
Well, I flew with Rick Ross the other week, it was so cool. But not the Miami one, the real one, the one from L.A. There's a picture of it on my Instagram. He was coming back from Miami which is kinda cool, and I was going to Los Angeles via Charlotte, but that's about as much of the trap house as I know.

Did you get any juicy details from him?
I got a couple things. But I don't think I'm at liberty to say them.

We don't want to get you in any personal danger.
Yeah, exactly. I'm not a rapper.

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