Black Flag: Why Greg Ginn and His Reunited Hardcore Crew Is Still Worth Seeing

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No matter which current incarnation of Black Flag you may prefer to see or which former lineup is your favorite, there is no simply no arguing with the fact that the essential appeal of this band (beyond the imposing sonics, beyond Raymond Pettibon's vital imagery, beyond the legends chronicled in the pages of former lead singer Henry Rollins' memoirs) has always been its pure volatility.

Over the years, though, the anger and contempt that burned perpetually at this crew's core has begun to rage out of control.

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-Greg Ginn's Black Flag Coming to Grand Central Miami

What do these bars even mean anymore?

And most recently, longtime leader Greg Ginn has stoked the flames (and potentially put the band's legacy at risk) by filing a nasty little lawsuit against fellow founding member Keith Morris and his version of Black Flag (currently touring as Flag) as well as Rollins, despite his choice to opt out of all reunions. It's a move that many fans see as a petty undermining of the band's original ethos. And it's tarnished some of our memories.

But while it is certainly a despicable thing to see the members of a band that once rallied around anti-establishment concepts, a band whose name and logo represented anarchy itself, become involved in something so very cliche as a post-reunion lawsuit, we would all be foolish to forget that there is a reason Black Flag has had umpteen members since 1976 -- Greg Ginn, by most accounts, is an impossibly difficult individual to work with.

Of course, this sort of tension may well be a major part of what's required for penning such earth-moving music. But it's also a major part of the reason that there are enough Black Flag alumni out there to form two Black Flags and still have enough warm bodies scattered about the world to form a third.

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Keith Morris's 'long winded ramblings' are more unsettling than Greg Ginn's Money Grabbing unacceptable version of what is supposed to be Black Flag (the drummer can't even play fast or in time and their band isn't even syncopated), Or even his despicable litigation against his former band mates (what exactly did Rollins do to get sued?).

FLAG was the first reunion band and is overall more energetic, cognitive, and has more integrity than Ginn's Black Flag. Calling Keith Morris's words of wisdom, a pioneer in American Punk Rock, 'long winded ramblings' is straight disrespectful. Not only to Morris, an ever contributing force in punk rock, but to idealism of punk rock in general.

New Times, I know you guys need to conjure up Black Flag in a positive way to get your buddies in Grand Central more press hype for the show (only to have fans feel ripped off).
But can you start getting writers that have an understanding of the culture they're writing about.

Because honestly, who the hell can endorse...this


Long winded 'ramblings' of Keith Morris is more upsetting than Greg Ginn's cash grabbing terrible rendition of what is an un-listenable version of Black Flag (the drummer cant even play fast or in time) and his despicable litigation against his former band mates (and what the hell did Rollins do exactly to get sued?) .

FLAG was not only the first reunion band, they're more energetic, cognitive, and have more integrity than Ginn's Black Flag.

Whoever wrote this, CLEARLY doesn't have any respect for punk music.

Hey New Times, I know you're trying to conjured up biases for your people in Grand Central to attract more bodies to this show (only to feel ripped off after).
But why not have less articles 

Why in the hell would anyone want to see this.


who cares if Morris talks between songs? at least FLAG plays the songs at the right speed without crappy drumming and Ginn's horrible mistakes! FLAG also does "My War" "I Love You" and "Damaged"...don't see Ginn's line-up doing them. So if you like Black Flag on valium or Xanax, go see them in Miami. I, along with many, will go see the real deal FLAG!


Actually, you're wrong. Not worth seeing. Same as that 'Misfits' reunion coming to Grand Central. Shameless cash grab. 

Blast their old records instead. 

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