DJ Carnage on Haters: "Some People Just Have a Stick Up Their Ass"


DJ Carnage -- he's "just chilling, eating food, watching Netflix," doing whatever.

You might have heard his breakout Bang! EP. Or you might have heard about how he pissed off a bunch of agro commenters by saying he was over trap. Or you might have killing it at Ultra Music Festival or Tomorrowland.

Ultimately, though, despite the hype and occasional controversy, Carnage just wants to have a good time. And he's seriously stoked about playing his first show at Mansion on South Beach. So last week, we here at Crossfade chatted with him, talking SoBe, EDM, burrito utopias, chill moms, and bringing that big-room energy no matter what.

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Crossfade: So, what responsibilities come with being the leader of the #ChipotleGang?
Carnage: Y'know, making sure people are good. It's kind of just, like, setting an example, letting it be known what to do and what not to do. I'm just trying to lead by example, showing what these kids need to be. You know when MySpace just started, and everyone was friends? It's like a utopia of happy people and giving no fucks.

And burritos.
And burritos. People need Chipotle.

It seems your mom was hugely instrumental to your career. You used to listen to music together and she bought you FruityLoops software, encouraging you to get into making beats. Is she the proudest mom in EDM right now? Does she take any credit?
Nah, she's just chillin'. It's, like, me and my mom, and Martin Garrix's mom and Borgore's mom. Random moms are just superproud.

Do you ever bring your mom out to shows?
She's been to a couple. She's back home, so it's kind of hard for her to come to the shows, but she comes wherever she can.

Where are you these days?
I live in L.A.

Is it really better out there?
Yeah, it's pretty good. It's different. It's a good hub to have as home.

I'm sure it makes it easier to work with people.
Yeah, it's easier. Everybody's here, it's fast, it's really fun.

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