Doc Martin Talks Ten All-Time Essential Dancefloor Weapons

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What makes a DJ legendary? Well in the case of West Coast house music legend Doc Martin, it's a whopping three decades of destroying international dancefloors with his masterclass underground record selections.

Having came up during the late '80s to early '90s dance era, when novel sounds like house, hip-hop, techno and New Wave were emerging and crossbreeding into exciting new stylistic permutations, Doc Martin's DJ sets are a veritable musical education.

"I'm into all kinds of music," Doc tells Crossfade. "I prefer the vibe of a song, over the style of music. I like good bass frequencies, drums, and most of all, it has to have some sort of message to it -- either vocally or sonically. I really like tracks and songs that evoke some sort of emotion."

Ahead of his highly-anticipated headlining performance with Joint Custody and Analog at Wynwood's TSL Lounge on Thursday, Crossfade caught up with The Doc himself to get a peep inside his record bag, and ten all-time essential weapons that have never left it throughout the years.

1. Rhythm Control's "My House"
"I guess you can say this has been used a million times. Maybe not the first house record, but definitely one of the most important ones."

2. Inner City's "Share My Life (Kenny Larkin Remix)
"Such a deep, euphoric record! Plus, it kind of gets things going for all the underground heads. This always creeps its way back into my record bag."

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The Social Lubricant Lounge/TSL

167 NW 23rd St., Miami, FL

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