Drinking Olympics Decathlon: Bopping for Shots, Flip Cup, and Beer Pong

Photo by Laurie Charles
Meet Andres Bedoya, the Drinking Olympics Champ.
A crowd of guys in trucker hats, beanies, and beards, and ladies in Joy Division T-shirts, headbands, and floral rompers drunkenly cheered on the contestants of the Drinking Olympics on the outdoor stage of Blackbird Ordinary.

The festivities, which began well into the night, were held in conjunction with the club's popular Ladies' Night, where the dames in the house are given free Blackbirds -- a dangerous concoction of Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka, fresh blackberries, and lemonade. There was also music by Deaf Poets and trivia for the brainy in the bunch.

The brave Olympians had to face three rounds of drinking duels: bopping for shots, flip cup, and beer pong.

Out of the teams of four -- the Funky Chickens, Skunk Ape, Turbo Negro, Oh Fuck, the C**ts, the Greys, Where Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, and J Star -- only one heavy drinker would be named the Olympic champion and winner of a $100 bar tab.

Check out the games of the Drinking Olympics decathlon.

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Photo by Richard Alvarez
It's like the adult version of bopping for apples.
Bopping for Shots

After watching these guys down shots of adult lemonade with their mouth as their only tool, our childhood memories of bopping for apples will forever be tainted.

"They had to [put] their hands behind their back and take down each of the three shots faster than their opponent," explained Veronica Gessa, the mistress of ceremony.

As one would expect, the competition got messy; the weakest links met their fate and were eliminated. Only the stronger of the bunch made it to round two.

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