Electric Piquete Talks Bay of Pigs Tribute: "Hopefully, Fidel Hears the Song and Dies"

Photo by Teajay Smith Via facebook.com/ElectricPiquete
Electric Piquete's Rich Dixon, Ozzy Reyes, Raymond Ayala, Chris Correoso, Ed Rosado, Michael Mut, Steven Ayala, and Charles Gardner.

Electric Piquete bass player Michael Mut has a direct connection to the Bay of Pigs. His grandfather spent 18 months in a Cuban prison after John F. Kennedy abandoned him and hundreds of others on La Playa Girón during their invasion to topple Fidel Castro's communist dictatorship.

Today, the Cuban fusion band that Mut cofounded with lifelong pal Ed Rosado is working an instrumental single in tribute to the bravery of those who fought and died for freedom. Here's what Mut has to say about blood on the sand, Afrika Bambaataa, and why the rest of America "doesn't give a fuck about Cuba."

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Talk about the song.
"En La Playa Girón" is our single right now, inspired by the Bay of Pigs invasion. My grandfather was a part of that, and so was the trumpet player Rich Dixon's. They both spent 18 months in prison. I'm not that brave to do what they did, but this is my contribution to the same fight as them for doing it.

What do you think of Fidel Castro?
Son of a bitch. Fuck that guy. A lot of people left when he declared himself communist. My grandpa lost his business, house, and all his money was seized by the communist government.

Then what?
He came here and was trained by the CIA for an invasion of Cuba. One of the guys got killed in an accident during training and his number was 2506, so they named it the 2506 Brigade in his honor. They invaded on the 17th of April 1961 and it failed cause John F. Kennedy promised air cover, then pulled back for fear of starting World War III. Everybody got stranded on that beach and they were all either killed or captured.

200 died during the invasion, and then later Kennedy was like, "This is fucked up," and he traded a bunch of baby powder, milk, and bullshit to get them released. It's actual history, and this is our tribute to those who died.

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Michael Mut
Michael Mut

I sure as fuck hope so! = ] Thanks for the love and support...

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