Icona Pop's Aino Jawo: "We Are Feminists"

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Aino Jawo (left) and Carline Hjelt (right) contemplate life, love, and synthetic dance beats.

Has this every happened to you?

One day, you're sitting on a sofa with your best girlfriend, talking about boys and music and dreaming big. The next, you're touring the world in support of a supersuccessful feminist pop anthem.

Most likely not, but Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt now find themselves living in this insane reality. Together, as Icona Pop, they've made their way around the globe, thanks to a sugary brand of girl power and the runaway hit "I Love It." Who could have expected that?

"Well, Caroline and I, we're dreamers," Jawo says. "So, of course, you're dreaming about the day that you record your big hit. But I never thought 'I Love It' would become this big. I mean, it's me and Caroline from Sweden!"

Of course, just like falling in love, sometimes fate takes over.

"We had a really strong feeling when we went into the studio," she recalls. "At that point, we were going through so much dramatic stuff. I think people can hear that it's a very honest song, and people can put their own experience into that song. It's not all about heartache. Like if you have this bad job situation or something, you can put that also in 'I Love It' and just get out your anger."

Jawo laughs thinking of anger and pop music on the same dance floor, but it's that mix of emotions that make the song so relatable for so many women. We all struggle with conflicting emotions, but we find our strength in letting go. And Icona Pop want to lend girls some of that strength with their music.

"We are feminists and I think every good person on this earth should be. I mean, the thing we are fighting for is equality, and we're going in the right direction, but there's still a long way to go," she admits. "Especially in the music business, you just see a lot of stuff sometimes that can make you pretty sad, but we're here to shake it up."

Indeed, Jawo and Hjelt have been shaking things up with a U.S. tour, roaming the country, taking in the sights and sounds. And soon, they'll be sharing their debut full-length, This Is..., coming out in September.

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