III Points Festival Bringing James Murphy, Jamie XX, XXYYXX, DJ Shadow to Wynwood


Have you ever walked through Wynwood and thought, There should totally be a SXSW-style festival up in here?

Even if you haven't, we're sure you now realize that's the best idea ever. Thankfully, the people who make Bardot one of the dopest spots in town had that idea months ago. And they've teamed up with massively-hip label Young Turks (reppin' the XX, SBTRKT, Wavves, and others) to turn that dream into reality.

The III Points festival will be a multi-venue music, art, and technology affair, taking over the Wynwood area from Thursday, October 3, through Saturday, October 5. Because, well, it's time the rest of the world knew just how awesome Miami's counterculture actually is.

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The III Points concept came together when the XX came to town in February. The whole Young Turks camp was in town, and they met with festival organizers for a look around the city.

"They're 20-something hustlers in the music industry, and we had a lot in common," said Bardot music director David Sinopoli, who took the whole crew on a tour of Wynwood when inspiration struck.

"Caius [Pawson], he's the owner of Young Turks, the head cheese over there, and he turns to me and he's like, 'Man, warehouse parties, everywhere,'" Sinopoli said. "When he said that to me, it was validation from somebody that does stuff on a global scale that he could see it too."

After some more meetings, the date was set and the plan was made.

"If I don't try to at least put this together and make a real attempt at it, it's foolish," he said. "All the resources are there, and the community is almost asking for it. We need to get together."

III Points Participating Venues

1ofK 97 NW 25th St. Suite 101, 305-591-5888, 1ofk.com/contact‎
Bardot 3456 N Miami Ave, 305-576-5570, bardotmiami.com
Briske Gallery
Butcher Shop 165 NW 23rd St, 305-846-9120, TheButcherShopMiami.com
Cafeina 297 NW 23rd St, 305-438-0792, cafeinamiami.com
Diet Gallery 174 NW 23rd St, 305-571-2288, gallerydiet.com
Gab Studio 225 nw 26 St., 305-200-5349, gabstudio.com
Gigi 3470 N Miami Ave, 305-573-1520, giginow.com
Gramps 176 NW 24th St, 786-752-6693, grampsbar.com
Grand Central 697 N Miami Ave, 305-377-2277, grandcentralmiami.com
Handcrafted Tattoo 3438 N Miami Ave, 855-666-2738, handcraftedmiami.com
Imagesound America 120 NW 25th St. Suite 203, 954-374-9904 imagesound-americas.com
Junior & Hatter 2750 NW 3rd Ave, 305-571-8361, juniorandhatter.com
The LAB Miami 400 NW 26th St., thelabmiami.com
Spinello Gallery 2930 NW 7th Ave, 786-271-4223, spinelloprojects.com
Wood Tavern 2531 NW 2nd Ave, 305-748-2828, woodtavernmiami.com
Wynwood Cigar Factory 101 NW 24 Street, 800-253-1429, wynwoodcigars.com
Wynwood Indoor Soccer Field 370 NW 24th St, 786-253-2888, midtownindoorsoccer.com
Wynwood Walls thewynwoodwalls.com 2528 NW 2nd Ave
More venues coming soon.

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@Child_Please Wynwood is cultivating some amazing talent from the fields of art, technology, and music. We are not saying we are sxsw or comparable but we need to start somewhere. #hatersgonnahate 

@Jayan Bertrand  we are all ears and looking to grow. send us suggestions via http://www.facebook.com/iiipoints 

@jjcolagrande noted, although with our experience we feel it is very competitively priced and we have free events to attend as well. the full programming will be released in phases. 


If you think this will be ANYTHING at all like SXSW, you've never been to SXSW.

jjcolagrande topcommenter

Kind of expensive, especially for the inaugural year, but best of luck...

Jennifer Miguelez
Jennifer Miguelez

Shabazz Palaces anyone? They went to Bardot once and I missed it >.

Jayan Bertrand
Jayan Bertrand

I just wish there weren't so many electronic acts

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