La Sopita Series at PAX Brings Emerging Colombian Musicans to Miami

Courtesy of Camila Álvarez
Colombia's hardcore talent is coming to the 305.

"Sopita ... It's like food for the heart and soul, just like music."

But more than comfort food, La Sopita Series is the latest monthly showcase at PAX, giving up-and-coming musicians from Colombia the opportunity to show off their talent in the flashy 305.

"The concept is to connect the bands from Colombia to Miami, like a bridge," says Camila Álvarez, the mastermind behind the series.

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"I am from Colombia and I was very disconnected from everything because I've been here [in the States] for ten years. But during the past couple of years, I've reconnected [with Colombia] and discovered a lot of bands," explains Álvarez.

"They're supertalented, but most of the bands I'm beginning to discover have never been to the U.S. because they don't have the money to come here and play. But I work with Roxanne, the owner [of PAX], and she had the idea [of bringing them here] and thought I should be the middle man."

So since the launch of the series last month, Álvarez has sought sponsorship to bring bands from her native country to play in the Magic City.

And just recently, she gained the support of Heineken to fly in Miguel Navas, one of the artists who'll be making his Miami debut at PAX on Thursday, August 22.

"I wanna get more sponsors, so that I can bring in bigger bands. There are so many that are so amazing and I would love for the people of Miami to see them."

All of the artists of La Sopita are Colombianos because, Álvarez says, "they are just wow crazy."

Take Colombian native Nacho Londoño of Eagle Chief, formerly Arboles Libres (which changed its name "because," he says," the band direction was heading more rock"). Although Londoño resides in the 305, his heart remains in Colombia.

"I have [a connection] with my own land and it's really important to keep doing what I wanna do, which is play music in Spanish," confesses Londoño.

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