MTV VMAs 2013: Seven Things That Sucked and Seven Things That Didn't Totally Suck

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Damn it, our favorite show of the year is already over.

Like a whirlwind of confusion, corporate sponsorship, and cocaine-induced egotism, the MTV Video Music Awards blew through our living rooms last night, and we wish we could live it all over again.

Judging by last night's show, it seems some pop culture stars are about to get on their knees and do something they might regret. Of course, though, not everything sucked.

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To start things off, here are the parts that didn't suck.

7. How Drunk and High Everyone Was at the Red Carpet
We've never really paid much attention to the VMA preshow, but that has forever changed after this year's disaster hour. The whole thing started with Miley Cyrus appearing with hip-hop hit-boy Mike Will Made It. She told Sway, without irony, that this was just the "beginning of her movement" and that the screaming fans meant they'd "do anything for me." Ellie Goulding literally told an interviewer she didn't know what was going on. Robin Thicke was so drunk, he let his date talk about what a genius he is. They wouldn't even let Wiz Khalifa talk during his interview, they just threw cherries at him "in case Katy Perry shoots whip cream out of her boobs." WHAT?!

6. Iggy Azalea Telling Lil Kim How to Handle Her Shit
Umm ... Is Lil Kim drunk or just old? She seemed pretty freakin' out of it last night while presenting the award for best hip-hop video. First of all, Macklemore? But what was really great was when the camera cut back unexpectedly so we could catch the Australian Iggy Azalea coaching Lil Kim about "I say blah blah, and then you say the name on the card." They cut it out of the official MTV clip, but it was priceless.

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Christopher Tam
Christopher Tam

does anyone know the song Nervo played right after the Lady Gaga interview (before commercial break) and right before the JT interview (after same commercial break)?????


you should understand that Kevin Hart's rap persona is a complete joke. hes a comedian and it's all just for fun.  his freestyles don't make sense on purpose and they are funny as hell.  

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