No, Phoenix Is Not Playing $0.25 Concert in Miami

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Phoenix's Thomas Mars says: "Je suis désolé."

Does a $0.25 cover charge for some superintimate, semi-secret show at a small waterfront bar with French art-rock geniuses Phoenix sound too good to be true?

Well, yeah. But fans weren't about to hesitate clicking the "Buy Tickets" button when Live Nation and Ticketmaster suddenly sent out an app alert that Thomas Mars, Deck d'Arcy, Christian Mazzalai, and Laurent Brancowitz had just announced a Miami concert at Key Biscayne's Mad House.

"I was text messaging all my friends, frantically," says tipster Pabla Ayala of PFunk Media and the LAB Miami. "Like, 'Get these tickets now! Just get them! They're only 25 cents each! Who knows how many they have!'"

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A screenshot of the "not an actual event" Phoenix listing on Ticketmaster.

"At first, we were like, 'Is that right?'" Pabla admits. "But then I confirmed that Live Nation actually did list that specific show online. And so, immediately, we purchased tickets."

Soon, though, she and her pals got the feeling this whole thing was, as she says, either a "hoax or a massive Live Nation fuck-up."

But they figured "we'll just get the tickets and ask questions later."


"Once everything died down," Pabla says, "my friend Catalina, a photographer who works here at the LAB Miami, called Live Nation and that's when they told her that apparently a client or promoter was trying to do a test on the app but actually published the event live."

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That was so exciting for about 15 minutes. Meanies at Live Nation!! 

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