Ten Best Band Tees at Churchill's T-Shirt Swap Meet

Photo by Laurie Charles
Relive Rat Bastard's glory days when he pissed off Broward's local music scene.
The frizz-haired Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra rummaged through piles of T-shirts lined up against one of the pool tables at Churchill's Pub.

"This one right here," the local legend said of a black and white cotton top he wore during a show, "is one of the most famous shirts in Florida that made the cover of an alt-weekly in Fort Lauderdale."

The shirt he held in his hands was emblazoned with the image of a toilet seat and the words "Broward County Is Musically Stupid" written across the rim while the names of several Broward bands, including Marilyn Manson, float inside the bowl like pieces of turd.

Adjacent to the toilet is a lineup of bands from the 305 that were playing that night at the historic Washington Square with the words "Now This Will Rock!" written below.

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"I pissed off all the bands on the cover," he said with a gleam of nostalgia and a sense of pride on his face.

Rat Bastard's most controversial tee, which was selling for $2, was just one of the hundreds of vintage shirts up for grabs at Churchill's T-Shirt Swap Meet.

Among Rat Bastard's infamous piece of clothing, other locals musicians and shop owners, including Audio Junkie and Nic Fit Vintage brought out their collection of musical and political shirts including those of the Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa tour, and even Charles Mason.

Here are the ten best musical tees at Churchill's T-Shirt Swap Meet.

Photo by Laurie Charles
Rat Bastard's Washington Square Concert Tee
A shirt worn by Miami's master of noise that practically labeled Broward County's local music scene a piece of shit... 'Nuff said.

Photo by Laurie Charles
Afghan Whigs
One of the most expensive on display was an Afghan Whigs tee with a verse from "Retarded," "You're never alone with your jones."

The 1990 hit was from the band's first album released under Sub Pop, Up in It, and practically made a name for these guys in the alt-rock scene.

"I don't really know the significance behind this specific shirt, but it's selling for $300 on eBay and here we're selling it for $70," said Rob Elba who was selling the shirt for his friend in North Carolina.

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