The Inside Talks Releasing "Lost and Forgotten" Debut Album, Fiction, After 15 Years


If someone were ever to sit down and draw out the family tree of local Miami bands, there would be a disturbing amount of inbreeding. Almost every band shares each member with at least three other bands.

And just as one in two hundred men is a direct descendent of Genghis Khan, most Miami bands can trace their heritage back to a handful of bands that popped out of Hialeah in the mid '90s, one of which was The Inside.

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Humbert, just one of many Miami bands that share some DNA with the Inside.

Currently, the Inside's impact can be traced back from bands like Rimsky, Plains, Humbert, Stop the Presses, Haochi Waves, recently defunct Radioboxer, and a progressively growing list of musicians the group has impacted. To put it in further perspective, the outfit's original studio space, back in 1999, is the current location of The Shack North recording and rehearsal studio.

Still, the Inside remains an obscure object of local cult fascination. In some part because of the foursome's flirtations with success, but also for its continued legacy among inner circle Hialeah musicians; particularly due to constant reappearances by guitarist Jorge Graupera Gonzalez in projects like The Brand, The Jorges, Guajiro, and Plains, and lead singer/guitarist Omar Garcia in The Brand.

The Brand, yet another Inside-related outfit.

The Inside was firmly settled into local music history, until earlier this year, when Juan Fernando Oña, drummer for Haochi Waves and former drummer for The Brand, was going through some old tapes and stumbled across an impressive musical find - the lost tapes of The Inside's unfinished full-length album, Fiction.

Oña contacted the remaining members of The Inside (unfortunately bassist Drago Strahija died in a plane crash in 2010), and began to put the tapes together to finally release the album, fifteen years after its initial recording.

This Saturday, August 24, new and old fans alike will finally be able to hear Fiction, as part of a listening party that will also feature progeny bands Haochi Waves, Humbert, and a special reunion performance of The Brand featuring Oña, Garcia, Gonzalez, and Leo Valencia at The Annex, AKA the Shack North.

We reached out to Jorge Graupera Gonzalez and Omar Garcia, and asked some questions about the Inside's musical legacy, the Miami music scene, and what could've happened if they'd never broken up.

Crossfade: What was your first reaction when Juan called and said that he had found the original recordings for Fiction?
Omar Garcia: I think my first reaction was confusion. These recordings were not just lost, but forgotten. Also, the tapes were poorly labeled and we didn't find out exactly what Juan had found for almost two weeks while he digitized the recordings. Once he identified the different tapes for the different sessions and had a clear idea of what he had found (and what would need to be rerecorded), the mood changed to excitement.

Jorge Graupera Gonzalez: I was really excited to hear some of this older stuff. It was recorded about 15 years ago and I was really curious to hear what the younger me sounded like and was doing so many years ago. It's like discovering an old photograph you had forgotten about and you see yourself as you were many years in the past. It's hard to deny the power of recorded documents when they are removed from the present by so many years.

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heyjorge my kid has set up a punk rock venue and puts on a few shows a year at our home which is now known as the goomba Ranch 

we get a lot of traveling bands some sound more bluegrass than punk but  the bands that stay here or just jam at the house have all been great folks. one band even finished one of their albums here  not really my age type of music   but they are better than anything you hear on the radio  or on any of those tv shows of pop music I think you can punch in some of these names and you can hear The Taxpayers,  they stayed here recorded and came back again with another band Ramshackle Glory, The wild has played and a number of others the kids tell me the only place they here punk in miami is once in a whiler churchills or the record store near there. I am still stuck in the zzTop stevie ravan and Johnny winter but have enjoyed some of the punk stuff. check out Goomba ranch for shows they should be starting again once it gets cold up north and out west the bands tend to drift in


Hi Eric, it's Jorge. Thanks for chiming in. I loved Drago too. He was a brilliant, talented and nice person. He taught me a lot about all sorts of subjects. I miss him too/ I gave Bonnie a few CDs to give to Andy and Mike. They should have them soon ;) Take care


Drago kicked butt and was fearless He used to go with me into the Cypress help me map  our old trails and find some of our traditional special places that the NPS stole and locked us out assisting us in getting our Glademan Culture recognized .. He hiked photographed road airboats and ATC'swith us and was a great musician. Any project he was involved with he bought a level of  energy and intelligence to.  He was a well rounded special person  I remember him playing in the band the Psychedelic lullabies. If you can sends some copies of his work he did with your band to Bonnie or Andy Beregszaszi  He  can get it to me. He is sorely missed by our family especially my sons who looked up to him



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