Chief Keef Cancels Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee "Due to Outstanding Warrants"

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Chief Keef: "Finally Rich," but under arrest.

Are y'all fuckin' wit' us?

We honestly wouldn't have guessed that a guy who'd already been busted on weapons and heroin charges by the age of 16, occasionally giggles about murder via Twitter, and absolutely refuses to pay his child-support bills might have to bail on his commitment to play some concerts in the Sunshine State.

Obviously, you know, because another warrant for his arrest has cropped up.

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That's right ...

Despite tweeting enthusiastically about his Sunday (or, uh, Monday?) show in the 305 just two hours ago, this kid known as Sosa (government name Keith Cozart) has apparently been forced to cancel his Miami show, as well as dates in Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee, after a Chicago judge demanded the rapper be detained by law enforcement following a failed court appearance over $20,000 in outstanding baby-daddy fees.

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Sean Chambers
Sean Chambers

Chief Keef use yer teef, cease that crime action, turn over a new leaf, fight the state's belief that you are thief.

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